OUKITEL Team Visited Istanbul Turkey

OUKITEL team just visited Istanbul, Turkey for business trip. During the Europe business trip OUKITEL team found that our policy of protecting environment fits very well in European culture.

In the Istanbul Airport OUKITEL team saw a statue which named <Plastic Age III 2020>.


The “From Waste to Art” project, which is one of the iGA Istanbul Airport sustainability-oriented projects, emphasizes the goal of zero waste and aims to raise awareness of the circular economy by upcycling waste material.

Plastic Age III 2020

A reduced quality of life, as a result of people destroying the planet and with everything getting out of hand, creates a desire to escape

the chaos. Seized by exhaustion, subjugation, and defeat,people are fighting against destruction, but it is spreading like a virus. So

much so, that nature will win unless we defend life in this battle between humans and the environment.


One million plastic bottles are sold every minute in the world, and the total can reach 500 billion in a year, which is equivalent to 20,000 plastic bottles used every second. This figure is expected to increase by 20%.

It takes 20 years for a plastic bag to be completely broken down into microplastics, and even 450 years for a plastic bottle. The average person on the earth uses about 60 kilograms of plastic each year, and even more than 100 kilograms for North American and West European residents.

Discarding disposable vape has become the government issue. Not only is it related to health and the protection of minors, but it is also related to environmental issues.


OUKITEL vape is doing the best for using PLA biodegradable material to produce vape products, such as POP, GREE BAR, LEAF and so on.

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