Our Brand & Company

Founded in 2018, OUKITEL VAPE is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. It is The independent operation Brand businesses Under Shenzhen OUKITEL Technology Co., Ltd., integrating R&D, design, production, sales and after-sales service. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in research and application of electronic atomization technology. OUKITEL VAPE follows the brand concept of “enjoy every puff”, strictly controls the quality, and provides users with a high-quality taste experience.


Based on the domestic market,facing the world, OUKITEL VAPE products are exported to North America, Europe, Russia, Japan, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other countries and regions, and have developed more than 150 dealers, becoming the main supplier in the global electronic atomizer market. OUKITEL VAPE owns AQUA, ARK, EPOCH, VAST, GEM, Cos Box Mini, FLASH, Pop, VERTU, GREE BAR, MECH, COS BOX, SWAN, MAX, PEAK, SKY, TIME, LARK, HERO, WINGO, LINK, BIO, LOKI BAR, HULK BAR and many other models have become the world’s most popular cross-border electronic atomizer brand.


OUKITEL VAPE has a group of electronic atomizer R&D personnel and management elites, constantly strengthens R&D and brand investment, independently develops more than 1,000 scientific and technological projects, completes the transformation of more than 200 scientific and technological achievements, and obtains 150 invention patents, 14 computer software copyrights, And it has won the Shenzhen Specialized, Specialized, New and Medium-sized Enterprise and Shenzhen Longhua District’s Top 100 Steady Growth Enterprises, and was awarded the first floor of the Hongrongyuan North Station Commercial Center, a 3000-square-meter high-end CBD office building by the government.

OUKITEL VAPE has a CBD R&D center of 2,000 square meters, more than 50 senior engineers, more than 60 quality management personnel, more than 1,000 technicians and operators, and a modern production base of 20,000 square meters, including two 10,000-level dust-free workshops and functional A complete electronic cigarette laboratory, with 20 automated production lines, with a monthly production capacity of 10 million cigarettes, the production line is equipped with various automated mechanical equipment, testing equipment, etc. The factory has passed ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 certification, and is a national high-tech support enterprise of the People’s Republic of China.


After years of precipitation and research and development, OUKITEL VAPE finally lived up to expectations and launched the world’s first low-carbon and environmentally friendly disposable electronic cigarette. Most of OUKITEL VAPE’s product shells are made from cornstarch-derived PLA biodegradable plastic that can be recycled into clothing, vinyl records and 3D printing materials. The biodegradable environmental protection concept has made our OUKITEL VAPE a leader in the global electronic cigarette industry and the mainstream ODM/OEM supply chain of many internationally renowned brands.

OUKITEL VAPE continues to practice social responsibility, adhere to sustainable development, and promote the concept of environmental protection to the global market. At the same time, constantly improve the protection mechanism for minors, and use technological innovation and big data analysis to protect the healthy growth of minors in an all-round way. In today’s globalization, OUKITEL VAPE will continue to take product innovation, precise quality, and brand promotion as its business philosophy, actively participate in the research and development of related fields, produce more products with both high quality and safety, and better serve global customers. Global partners are open and win-win!


●Corporate vision

We are committed to creativity and innovation, sharing value with our partners and customers, and becoming a more popular brand; we continue to be passionate about innovation and optimizing operations to provide the best products and services to the world; we are constantly exploring new businesses and innovating In the field, we continue to develop and move forward to become a respected enterprise.

Our Mission

Build an excellent sustainable development management system, adhere to ethical and compliant operation, continuously strengthen communication with stakeholders, promote a harmonious business ecological environment, ensure the sustainable development of the company, and repay customers and society.

●Talent Strategy

OUKITEL VAPE believes that talent is the biggest resource and the biggest capital. As a visionary and responsible enterprise, OUKITEL VAPE always adheres to the people-oriented concept. All along, OUKITEL VAPE has continuously introduced various talents, and now has a strong professional team with rich experience in different fields. OUKITEL VAPE’s benefit sharing mechanism for middle and senior management: Based on the contribution of “striver” to the company and its own human capital, through the innovation of property rights and benefit distribution system, employees can truly care about the development of the company. Enterprise, let employees share the benefits of enterprise growth; while maintaining an efficient and unified governance structure. In terms of efficiency, a virtuous circle of “high ability, high salary, and high performance” has been formed.
The organic combination and effective cooperation between the global management team of OUKITEL VAPE and the localized executive team have achieved the rapid growth of the company. At the same time, OUKITEL VAPE creates a comfortable working environment for employees, so that OUKITEL VAPE is not only a place for everyone to work, but also a stage for realizing their dreams.

●Company culture

OUKITEL VAPE has a strong corporate culture: morning meeting culture (dance, sharing, English, learning, thanksgiving), learning culture (comprehensive training for employees and customers), public commitment to individuals and teams, team performance appraisals and individual improvement appraisals system, monthly outdoor performance conference, rich cultural and sports activities, etc.; we have been committed to making all shareholders, partners and all members of the OUKITEL VAPE family feel satisfied with transparent, efficient management and continuous self-innovation. With the core value of “creating, sharing, let us realize our dreams together”, OUKITEL VAPE has integrated with many partners, coexisted and prospered, and achieved great success. Facing fierce market competition, OUKITEL VAPE always upholds the same spirit and believes that it will always maintain a win-win situation with its partners in the future.