The World's First Three-dimensional Relief Open Pod System Vape.


The World's First Three-dimensional Relief Open Pod System Vape. Colored breathing light makes you enjoy every puff.

The Symbol Of KING KONG Street Fashion

Full body metal wrapping zinc alloy three-dimensional relief the perfect combination of art and craftsmanship. F7 LEGEND is carefully designed with lightweight materials and is easy to carry the thoughtful anti-slip design further enhances the user's grip, ensuring a safe and comfortable holding experience, thus enhancing the overall vaping experience.

The World's First 3D Relief Open Pod System

OUKITEL LEGEND can be refilled up to 8 times for liquid, the exterior isn't the only piece of art. This cost-effective e-cigarette features precise airflow adjustment, allowing you to explore your preferred flavor and vape cloud volume.

Draw Activation System Of OUKITEL LEGEND Offers Better Vaping Experience

The F7 kit adopts a draw-activated operation that starts within milliseconds, wasting no time and get the best vaping effect. The F7 features a specialized 0.8Ω mesh coil,engineered for maximum efficiency, unlocking the true potential of flavor. Enjoy unparalleled flavor and consistent taste that lasts from your first puff to your last.